1. Captivating Wall Sconce for Larger Rooms – The Kandy Wall Lamp 2. Nature-Inspired Beauty for Your Home – The Coral Wall Lamp 3. Illuminate with Elegance – The Bouquet Wall Lamp 4. Creating Atmosphere with Glare-Free Light – The Poul Henningsen Wall Lamp

Wall Sconce Design Sri Lanka

1. The Kandy Wall Lamp

Named after the lakeside city that sits at the heart of Sri Lanka, this captivating wall sconce is made from marble and brushed brass. It comes in a set of two, and is the perfect choice for larger rooms. This light is designed to be a focal point in your home, and can be installed at different heights to highlight various elements. Having your wall sconces installed by an expert is highly recommended, as this will ensure the safety and efficiency of the fixture.

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2. The Coral Wall Lamp

The Coral wall lamp evokes the eponymous oceanic beauty, invoking a sense of nature’s enduring splendour right at home. This enchanting wall light is an organically shaped piece of decor, crafted through our unique production process.

Each fixture is sculpted by hand, with molten hot glass shaped and blown at one thousand degrees celsius. This free formation allows for each fixture to be uniquely asymmetrical, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to your home.

The frosted glass showcases a captivating surface pattern inspired by coral textures. Its flat and unobtrusive profile exudes contemporary elegance, making it a perfect fit for various spaces. This mesmerising wall light is available in two colourways – Seaweed for a moody feel and Natural for something more discrete. CORAL includes a metal wall plate, lamp holder, driver & dedicated LED bulb. Bulbs can be swapped out to different colour temperatures as per preference. Customised colour options are also available on request (please contact us for more information). For easy installation, it is recommended that you hire a lighting professional.

3. The Bouquet Wall Lamp

A beautiful and unique wall lamp, the Bouquet is a piece of art that will illuminate your home with an elegant warm glow. Made of resin flowers, the design is inspired by nature and will be a perfect fit for your living room or bedroom.

Lladro’s signature flowers, which are handcrafted petal by petal, make their way into the world of lighting in this stunning floral design. The sculptural details are truly breathtaking, and the result is a magnificent work of art that you will be proud to display in your home.

It is important to note that the installation of these wall sconces can be complex, and it is best to hire a lighting professional for the job. This will ensure that the lamp is installed correctly and safely.

4. The Poul Henningsen Wall Lamp

Designed in 1925-1926, the PH Wall Lamp is based on the principle of a reflecting three-shade system that directs light downwards. Its shades have a matt white painted inside to endure diffused, comfortable light distribution.

Poul Henningsen (1894-1967), also known by his initials PH, was a Danish architect, film director, social critic and of course lighting designer. He envisioned light as a means to create an atmosphere and a mood in a room. He believed that light and shadow have a significant impact on people’s well-being. He devoted himself to developing lamps that produce warm, soft and glare-free light.

The PH Wall Lamp is part of Henningsen’s renowned PH series and is available in several variations. One of them is this PH Hat wall lamp. This version of the PH Hat features the top shade of the PH 3/2 and lower shades from the PH 2/1. The resulting design is beautiful and functional, just like the other PH hat models.

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