Day: October 12, 2023

1. Captivating Wall Sconce for Larger Rooms – The Kandy Wall Lamp 2. Nature-Inspired Beauty for Your Home – The Coral Wall Lamp 3. Illuminate with Elegance – The Bouquet Wall Lamp 4. Creating Atmosphere with Glare-Free Light – The Poul Henningsen Wall Lamp

Wall Sconce Design Sri Lanka

1. The Kandy Wall Lamp

Named after the lakeside city that sits at the heart of Sri Lanka, this captivating wall sconce is made from marble and brushed brass. It comes in a set of two, and is the perfect choice for...

The Seven Lamps of Architecture: Guiding Principles for Greatness

7 Lamps of Architecture

Adding Himalayan salt lamps to your home or office may help reduce the number of bacteria and viruses in the air. They also create a peaceful ambience and purify the air with negative ions.

John Ruskin was an English art critic who lived...