Exploring Light: The IESNYC Lamp Design Contest and its Impact

IESNYC Lamp Design Contest

Lighting designers are experimenting with light as an art form and proving that lighting can be a valuable medium. One of the ways they are doing this is through an annual student competition.

Winning a lamp design contest gives the winning product visibility in the media and opens up new opportunities for the designer. For example it allows the winning concept to be patented for commercial value generation.


This year, IESNYC asked students to design a lighting fixture that combines the needs of function with aesthetic innovation and appeal. The result was a series of impressive pieces that grew from simple sketches to elaborate concepts.

This competition allows designers from all disciplines to submit their ideas and have them evaluated by a panel of judges. It’s a great way to gain exposure for your work, and the winning designs are showcased at the competition opening reception.

This competition challenges industrial design, architectural, interior design, and art students to consider direction, distribution, and the divergence of light as they explore the refraction of textures and flows through materials. This design contest has been an invaluable tool in educating and preparing the next generation of lighting designers for the real world.


Lighting plays a critical role in ensuring that we can perform tasks such as cooking, reading, or working with ease. It can also help reduce eye strain and increase overall productivity. Well-designed lighting solutions can be visually appealing and offer the right amount of brightness for a specific space.

The IESNYC Student Competition empowers students to explore light as an art form and demonstrate its importance in the design process. This event has helped countless students pursue their creative interests and careers in the field of lighting.

The 2023 LAMP International Lighting Design Competition is currently accepting entries from designers worldwide. Each submission will be evaluated by a panel of judges on criteria including aesthetics, function, and marketability. The winner of the 2023 LAMP competition will receive extensive marketing and PR services to promote their design. The winning designs will also be featured on Design Milk and distributed to a global audience of interior design enthusiasts and industry professionals.


The judging panel is looking for designs that take sustainability into consideration and are able to reduce their ecological footprint, as well as the amount of energy needed to run the lamp. They also consider how the design can help prevent or assist in disaster preparedness and response.

Last year, the Natural Light competition was launched by VELUX and Little Sun to find designs that could bring solar-powered lighting to some of the 1.2 billion people worldwide who live without electricity. The winner was chosen by the jury of the competition and is a solar lamp designed by two Industrial Design students from Argentina.

The prize includes a prestigious A’ Award which puts the winning design on the map. The accolade gives the design an extra value and allows designers, architects and design companies to communicate this achievement to potential partners. The prize also provides an opportunity to present the design at a large event.


The adaptability of a lamp design is an important factor to consider. It can affect the amount of space a fixture takes up and its ability to be used in different environments. It can also determine how light is dispersed.

For example, the Cage Series by K8 industridesign is a solar-powered lamp that can be adjusted to meet various needs. It has a base that allows air to pass under the panel, which reduces the temperature exposure of the battery and electronics. It can be used to illuminate a table, wall or ceiling.

The Lighting Architecture Movement Project (LAMP) holds an international lighting design competition each year with a specific theme. The competition aims to connect designers with a new audience while encouraging unique conceptual explorations. The LAMP jury includes seasoned lighting design professionals and academics. The winning designs will be featured in the 2023 LAMP exhibition and published by Design Milk. The winners will be invited to present their designs at the opening reception in Vancouver.

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