Table Lamp Design and Construction for Elementary Students

Table Lamp Design Drawing For Elementary Students

Table lamps are practical lighting devices that are often decorative as well. Their design exemplifies the essential principle that form follows function, as espoused by the Bauhaus school of thought.

Draw an incomplete circle over the top part of the lampstand. Then, outline two straight parallel lines at the ends of this detail.


When you think of a table lamp, there are usually four things that come to mind: base, stem, shade and bulb. But there is so much more to these lighting fixtures than that! Modern table lamps offer a perfect combination of practicality and esthetics. They can illuminate a workspace or create a decorative feature of a living room or bedroom.

Choose a table lamp with a design that reflects your style. Lace lamps and ceramic vases add an elegant touch to classic decor, while metal industrial-style bases suit contemporary styles. Decorative patterns like Greek key, damask and Ikat complement traditional designs. Novelty themes, like owls, trout and foo dogs add personality.

When choosing a base, remember that it should be heavy enough to prevent the lamp from tipping over. Also, position the lamp where the shade is at eye level when seated or standing. If you have multiple table lamps, it is a good idea to vary the type of lighting.


As an important component of any lamp, the shade offers a combination of direct and diffused light to enhance the ambiance setting. The shape of the shade also adds to the design of the lamp. Generally, a shade should mirror the base of the lamp. For example, a French drum or Empire shade will complement a straight or tapered base. In contemporary designs, a variety of materials and shapes are available for the shade. Metallic lamps are in vogue at the moment and offer resilience and visual appeal.

Whether placed on your desk, dresser or nightstand, a table lamp brings charm to any room. Choose from an array of modern table lamp styles to match your design and layout. Adding a touch of glamor to your interior design is easy with Ethan Allen’s table lamp selections.


The bulb of a table lamp is another eye-catching design element that adds to the overall esthetics of this versatile piece of decor. From traditional bulbs to eco-friendly reclaimed glass ones the options are endless and can be customized to fit your space.

A sculptural element that offers both function and style table lamps are one of the most intriguing decorative items in a home. They provide ambient and task lighting while also serving as a way to express your personal style through your choice of color and layout.

For modern decors opt for sleek silhouettes and geometric shapes while those with more traditional tastes can find comfort in earth tones, carved wood, agate and quartz stone or bamboo wicker and rope accents. Metallic lamps are having a moment for those who want something that adds luxury to their design and are durable enough to stand the test of time.


Table lamps are an excellent source of illumination for a desk, dresser or bedside. They are also eye-catching, sculptural components of interior decor that add ambiance and sophistication even when switched off.

Depending on the desired function of the lamp, there are different types to choose from. Task lighting with a metal shade works well on a desk and for a more ambient light look, a fabric shade is recommended.

To make a lamp, students will build the base and lampshade with their own materials. Each project in this lesson demonstrates a different way to construct the base. All three options have the same basic construction but differ in how the cord exits the hardware or base. Ideally, the rod that comes out of the bottom knurl nut should be long enough for screwing on the socket cap without touching the bottom of the base or causing it to get pinched. This will ensure that the circuit will work properly.

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